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AIC in Focus
AIC Lecturers going on AIC seminars on a worldwide level
  Topnotch education system
Regional education institutes boasting of perfect instruments and productive training sessions
Top faculty in each region providing support and guidance related to surgery
Operate regional education centers with full fledged equipment and high quality education curriculums.
  State-of-the art equipment and widest variety of hands-on sessions
Visit guidance and support by faculty regarding the procedures as requested by the trainees
24-month master course provided for trainees who have finished the training session
Continuously disseminates implant knowledge through implantall and runs communities based on each training course
The finest equipment offered to each one of you such as Surgical Engine, Surgical Kit, KaVo Articulator, Laser, Piezosurgery, Portable X-ray and so on.
  Performing Live surgery
Live broadcast of surgical procedures done by the course director
Actual surgery on actual patients by the director of the training facilities
Support that enables students to perform the full procedure of implant treatment from surgery to prosthesis installation
Live transmission and detailed views of all procedures done by the course director.
Systematically assist you to perfectly do implant placement from surgery prosthetic procedure.
  On-going educational support provided via on/off line system after training
State-of-the-art practice instruments such as surgical engine, surgical kit, KaVo articulator, laser, piezosurgery and portable X-ray provided per trainee
Various practice sessions and systemic personal guidance by the course director and faculty
Available for on-site assistance of implant surgery by faculty members upon the request.
Further educational opportunities like 24-month master course offered to those who finish basic course.
Continuing input of updated clinical implant knowledge and skill via on-line site (aic and running regional communities by each course.
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